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Top social media apps in 2018

Social Media apps for 2018 blog


Social networking is continuously evolving. The days of Facebook and MySpace ruling the web are over. Right now, virtually everybody owns a mobile phone, with real-time video and photo sharing being the vogue most people are obsessed with, the youths in particular.

Facebook confessed about struggling to contain its younger users interacting on its platform, despite at one time being the unrivaled social network of choice for the younger generation.

So, where are the young people to go? Certainly, they are already on their tablets and mobile phones, so they make the most of it through the use of the most preferred social networking apps on the market. Youths are turning to these in their thousands every month.


whatsapp trend social mediaWhatsApp had seven hundred million monthly active users as reported in January 2015, and they are not merely using the text messaging feature. It also enables the user to post status updates, share location, send video, and make voice or video calls.

The whole platform is completely separated from Facebook, so you do not need to bother about the two intertwining.



Snapchat is another very popular private messaging app for pictures and short videos, which are instantly removed after they have been viewed for a couple seconds.

What is more is the fact that Snapchat is not merely a media sharing app; It can also be used to send money to family and friends.

Sexting and screenshot saving have created some issues for Snapchat, but it still remains among the hottest apps that young people are increasingly utilizing.


telegram appTelegram is fascinating because it lets the user do much more than other regular texting apps, and it is totally free with no ads.

All your phone calls and texts are encrypted via Telegram and you can transfer absolutely any file you wish even large files as much as 1.5 GB. This is absolutely unique compared to most messaging apps that only support image and videos.

It has also been designed to synchronize all your messages over all the supported devices mainly because your messages (as well as your files) are saved in the cloud. Nevertheless, you can delete texts any time you wish as well as make private chats.


Tumblr is among the web’s hottest blogging platforms, and quite a lot of youths have traded in their Facebook for a Tumblr blog.

Like Instagram and Snapchat, Tumblr is basically dominated by visual content and is now one of the top platforms for animated GIF sharing.


Facebook may have reigned over social photo sharing through the web, but Instagram arguably rules over it on mobile devices.

You can connect to your Instagram through your PC, Android or iOS gadgets.


ASKfm is a Question &Answer-based website and app that allows its users receive questions from their followers, then provide the answers to them one after the other, any time they like.

It gives teens another reason to discuss themselves beyond the comment section of their own selfies! Despite the fact that ASKfm may not be as massive as Snapchat or Instagram, it is a huge one to check out, for sure.



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